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Joseph Song

Joseph Song is a Gap Year Intern. He received his B.A. in Chemistry from Emory University. 

He was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, then moved down to Atlanta for college at Emory University. After graduating from college, he decided to take a gap year before diving into medical school. During this time, he wanted to gain some practical experience in a clinical setting where he could also practice his faith. Ethnē popped up on his radar through word of mouth from fellow peers, and he was intrigued by its partnership with his church. It is the perfect opportunity to blend his desire to work in healthcare with his spiritual journey. So, he decided to join Ethnē, eager to contribute to its mission while learning and growing professionally and personally, and has been working at the clinic for the past year.

Serving the Clarkston community holds personal significance for Joseph because it has been a part of his journey since his freshman year of college. He started doing volunteer work in the community early on, tutoring and teaching Sunday school to the kids. Over the years, he built connections and relationships with the families, becoming deeply invested in their well-being.

Now, working in a clinical setting for the city has given him a whole new perspective on his students and their families. He is learning so much about different cultures and ethnicities every day and finds it truly invaluable. It's one thing to interact with a community in a volunteer capacity, but being involved in their healthcare opens up a whole new level of understanding and empathy. He feels privileged to serve the Clarkston community in this capacity, bridging his passion for healthcare with the community that he loves.

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