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Emmanual Pu

Lead Referral Specialist



Emmanual Pu is the Lead Referral Specialist at Ethnē Health. His parents are from Chin State, Myanmar, but he was born in India and has been living in the Atlanta Metro area since 2010. He has a B.A. in History from Georgia State University. 

Emmanual has been working at Ethnē since December of 2020. He didn’t hesitate to apply after hearing that Ethnē was hiring, as he had heard about Ethnē’s impact from the community and wanted to be part of the team healed and compelled by the gospel of Jesus. As someone from the Clarkston community, he sees firsthand the need to have a comprehensive high-quality healthcare resource and is dedicated to serving the community through Ethnē. 

He loves comic books, manga, everything geekdom, and football, which he has played it since childhood. His free time consists of spending time with his family and enjoying his wife’s amazing cooking. He is also a worship leader and drummer, and occasionally volunteers and takes part in leading worship with Proskuneo Ministries, another non-profit from Clarkston. His passions also include history and talking about the subject. Fun fact: he loves working with organizations that take inspiration from the original Greek words from the Bible, Ethne (people groups) and Proskuneo (bow-down and worship). 

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