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Sean Lindsey, MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Chief Medical Officer

Sean R. Lindsey, Ethnē Health co-founder and CMO, is a physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He is Internal Medicine Board Certified and Pediatrics Board Certified. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Kentucky, an M.D. from University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics degree from University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

He graduated from University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and worked for 5 years for Dow Chemical as an Improvement Engineer and Production Engineer in California. Despite enjoying the critical thinking required for engineering, he felt a strong desire to help people more directly and a draw to pursue medicine. As a physician, he combines his passion for serving others with the joy of problem-solving. A leadership internship with Regeneration Church in Oakland, CA played a pivotal role in not only his spiritual formation but also his preparation for serving the Lord through medicine (1 John 3:16-18). After returning to the University of Kentucky to complete medical school, he moved to Memphis, TN to complete his internal medicine and pediatric residency at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. During his residency, he chose to live in the Mitchell Heights community, where he had the privilege of serving many neighbors and other patients through Christ Community Health Services and Resurrection Health.

In 2007, as Dr. Lindsey was praying about future direction for his life, the Lord commissioned him to help establish a health center and a house church network that would work alongside each other to serve the physical and spiritual needs of a community. Then in 2015 as he prayed together with a group of friends for future steps after residency, they all collectively sensed a calling to work together to start a clinic that would serve all, including the sojourner. After visiting various cities across the country, they were drawn to Clarkston, GA after meeting others who had been praying for a community health center in the diverse city. Ten years after the initial calling to community-based medicine and worship, he relocated to Clarkston, GA in 2017 where the vision for Ethnē Health began to actualize and resulted in the doors of the clinic opening in 2018. From the first day seeing patients until today, the journey of Ethnē Heath has been an inspiring testimony to God's faithfulness and goodness. In the 16 years since God initially put a vision for what would become Ethnē on Dr. Lindsey’s heart, He has provided many mentors, relationships, and life experiences that have shaped him and helped him grow.

He is incredibly grateful for his amazing wife Kate and their two little boys, Ed and Pete. Being a dad is the best thing in the world. He is an avid doughnut lover and always tries to find the best doughnuts in every city he visits. However, if he were stranded on an island and could only eat one food for the rest of his life, he would choose peanut butter and jelly. Lately, he has been trying to be more environmentally friendly and has been riding his Ryvid Anthem, an electric motorcycle, around town. You can often find him listening to literary fiction audiobooks, enjoying entertainment, spending time with his family, or worshipping/serving with his house church community.

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